Centro Polimeri Italia offers its experience to companies and professionals who are interested in deepening the comprehension of how polymers behave in the most diverse applications. This numerous family of raw materials is largely represented by plastics and elastomers, that can exhibit a thermoplastic or thermosetting behaviour.

    The technical support services available by Centro Polimeri Italia are mainly:

    1. controls and tests carried out following national and international standards
    2. failure analysis investigation on manufacts
    3. professional training activities

    Centro Polimeri Italia’s market extension covers the national field, and new collaborations with new clients beyond the national borders are being opened increasingly often. Corporate customers are either manufacturers or finished and semi-finished plastic products users, in the most various market fields (e.g. packaging, biomedical, automotive, furnishing, etc.).

    During the last years, Centro Polimeri Italia is also dealing with the characterization of aesthetic finishings applied on plastic manufacts, performing specific tests in order to highlight the aesthetic quality, both in the short and long term, of plastic manufacts that should simultaneously comply to precise performance requirements and satisfy an aesthetic quality level evaluated through strict and reliable trial protocols.